Communication made fun

SpeechHero is an Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) tool for iPad.

6000+ symbol tiles
Industry standard symbol imagery by SymbolStix
7 realistic voices
Text-to-Speech by Acapela, the leading virtual speech provider
Predictive Mode
With thousands of common utterances

7 realistic Text-to-Speech voices by Acapela

Import images from anywhere

Create new tiles from your camera, web, or anywhere

Loaded with over 6000 SymbolStix tiles

High-quality, easy-to-understand symbols designed with industry standards

Advanced predictive mode

Tap or type words and predictive will discover likely tiles based on the last one entered.

Loaded with thousands of common utterances and phrases

Drag and drop items anywhere on the interface

SpeechHero has an advanced edit mode which allows you to easily reorganize the interface, create new tiles or modify current ones.

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