About Speechhero©

SpeechHero is an Augmentative & Alternative Communication tool for iOS. The first version was created via a participatory design process with SLPs, teachers, students and parents over the period of 9 months.

SpeechHero was designed to be used without any training. It contains a native tutorial and integrated help system to guide users through the app. This simple-yet-powerful interface emphasizes user experience above all else.

Rather that using a strict grammar structure, SpeechHero was designed for open, colloquial use. The app is equipped with an advanced predictive system, called CoreUtterance©, which predicts likely tiles based on the last one entered. The app is loaded with thousand of such utterances generated from common English speech.


Robynn McKinney

Strategy & Client interaction

Robynn is an expert in the field of special education, specifically for cognitively impaired students. She started the first cognitively impaired special education program that served special needs students from seven schools.

In 1989, Robynn chaired an initiative to send special needs students to Spacecamp. She graduated the first group from Huntsville's Space Camp. Her story was the subject of the 2011 film A Smile as Big as the Moon.

Drew McKinney

Product design & development

Drew is the founder of Bloomingsoft and the creator of several best-selling iOS apps. He has worked on major interactive projects with companies such as Disney Animation Studios, Audi USA and Cook Medical. In 2011 he sold his first App, DrivingBuddy, to Mentor eData for research in driver performance.

Aynna Lloyd

Field consultant

Aynna is a graduate student studying to become an SLP. She is currently working with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She specializes in working directly with patients from severely disabled children to the elderly.

Michael McKinney

Video & photo

Michael is currently a sophomore at Denison University. He has extensive experience with photo movie editing. He also has worked one on one with students with autism through the Boy Scouts of America and National Youth Leadership Training.