Special educator highlighted in NASA ABC film launches iPad app for the voiceless

SpeechHero aims to disrupt overpriced special needs communication tech market. (speechhero.com)

SpeechHero is an app that gives a voice to the voiceless. As an Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) tool, non-verbal kids and adults use the app to communicate by tapping a series of symbol tiles to create words and sentences. This is especially helpful to non-verbal children with autism and stroke victims suffering from aphasia.

The difference between SpeechHero and other AAC apps? 1) SpeechHero is intuitive, requiring no training or help to get started 2) Kids actually want to use it and 3) SpeechHero costs a fraction of what other apps and services charge. Its competitors include apps that are priced north of $200 and equipment which can cost as much as $20,000. SpeechHero has worked with its partners to get the price to $99.99.

SpeechHero has partnered with Acapela, the leading Text-to-Speech voice vendor to provide realistic speech, and SymbolStix, the industry standard in communication symbology. With 7 realistic voices and over 6000+ symbol tiles, SpeechHero is a full-featured communication tool.

The app also includes an advanced predictive mode called CoreUtterances which provides likely words based on the last tile/phrase entered. For example, if you want to say "I want something to drink", SpeechHero will start you with "I", then give likely future tiles such as "want", "need", and "feel". Communicators can also type out partial phrases and SpeechHero will provide likely follow-up tiles.

For more info, video, images and photos, check out www.speechhero.com